We are experienced experts for all aspects of Db2 Analytics Accelerator and can help our clients to understand and leverage this unique technology through a variety of offered services.


Seminars are primarily designed for Accelerator skills development on all levels – from introductory / overview to advanced / special topics. Available seminars include:

  • (introductory) Overview
  • (introductory) Use cases
  • (intermediate) Deployment on IBM Z
  • (intermediate) High-availability and disaster recovery overview
  • (advanced) Sizing and configuration for IBM Z
  • (special topic) Sharing IFLs for Accelerator deployments
  • (special topic) Accelerator Proof of Concept Planning

Seminars are not specifically developed for an individual client’s situation, but cover topics in general. A typical seminar block runs 90 minutes including a reserved 20 minute slot for discussion/questions.


Workshops can be arranged for discovering use cases, planning proof-of-concept studies, migration planning from V5, sizing and configuration – and many more… A workshop is a structured event on a topic, but highly customized towards a client situation. It will typically require the active participation of various functions of the client’s organization.

A typical workshop could have the following structure:

  • Initial meeting (call) to define the scope and content of the workshop. A client workshop leader and key participants will be determined.
    We will create the workshop structure from the information provided – if necessary after further discussion with the workshop leader.
  • Preparation meeting (call) to get agreement on final workshop content, required participants – and distribution of “homework” (prep work) required before holding the workshop.
    We will collect the “homework” before the workshop and integrate the information into the agenda and workshop materials.
  • Workshop (face-to-face) to work through the agenda and materials.
  • Summary meeting (call) to provide a read-out of the results/findings to all participants and discuss.
    We will also provide a (brief) written summary of the results.

General Consulting Services

Consulting services are the most flexible way to leverage our expertise. These services are individually planned and negotiated and can cover a broad spectrum of activities. For example, a review of an existing installation and advise on potential improvements, -or- planning an enterprise-wide deployment of Accelerators, -or- …