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IBM® Db2® Analytics Accelerator for z/OS®

IBM Db2 Analytics Accelerator is an optional enhancement of Db2 z/OS that converts the “classical” Db2 database system into a “hybrid” database system for high-speed transactional and analytic processing on the same data. The Accelerator transforms the mainframe into a hybrid transaction and analytic processing (HTAP) environment.

The Analytics Accelerator is a database system on its own. It uses Db2 Warehouse as its engine – a database implementation optimized for analytics based on columnar, in-memory technology. The Accelerator synchronizes its internal database with selected tables / schemas in Db2 z/OS and the optimizer transparently routes eligible queries to the Accelerator instead of using Db2 z/OS. However, applications still
only connect to Db2 z/OS which enforces access control to the data and delivers the results.

There are two basic use cases to leverage this technology:
Query acceleration: Complex, analytical queries can run much faster than even in a highly optimized Db2 z/OS. IBM reports acceleration factors of 1000x and more. Often such complex queries could not be run at all on Db2 z/OS because they would be cancelled for excessive resource consumption.
Query off-load: Queries consuming expensive resources in Db2 z/OS can be run by the Accelerator – freeing up z/OS cycles and saving cost.

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Recognized experts

Accelerate Insight Consulting was founded by Roland Seiffert in 2021. Roland is a recognized expert on all aspects of Db2 Analytics Accelerator on IBM Z. He has been the inventor, architect and technical leader for the Accelerator on Z at IBM Research and Development in Böblingen, Germany. Besides his development leadership, he has worked intensively with clients world-wide to design and implement solutions based on this technology. He has also been a frequent-speaker and instructor at SHARE, IDUG, and IBM TechU. 

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